Dundee’s School of Life Sciences enjoys a reputation as one of the most dynamic international centres for molecular cell biology, with outstanding laboratory and technology facilities for fundamental research and translation.

The School is home to the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU), a fully operational, fully integrated drug discovery group working across multiple disease areas. The DDU tackles unmet medical need through small molecule drug discovery, bridging the gap between academic scientific research and commercial drug discovery and development.

The MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit (PPU) is also part of the School of Life Sciences, as is the National Phenotypic Screening Centre, an interdisciplinary centre that develops and screens innovative assays that move away from the traditional target-based approaches in order to discover chemical biology tool molecules and more effective drug or agchem start points.

Dundee is also home to the School of Medicine whose goal is to provide an outstanding education in an inclusive learning environment. Integral to their academic culture is the commitment to teaching programmes that are research-informed and research programmes that have impact on health and well-being.