The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) engage with SULSA via both their Institute of Health Research and Innovation and Marine, Environmental Science and Engineering themes.

Within the Institute of Health Research and Innovation activities can be broadly divided into three main themes: Disease Management, Smarter Health, and Rural Health and Wellbeing. There is a cross-cutting theme of Active Health, which exemplifies the interactions between the three main themes. Impact is central to UHI’s philosophy and they work closely with a wide variety of UK and international companies to ensure rapid translation of their technologies and services into products that will improve healthcare within the region, with worldwide applicability.

UHI is at the forefront of research into climate change, marine science, aquaculture and renewable energy, with much of their work addressing the social, cultural and environmental impacts of development. While their work targets global challenges it is intrinsically based in and inspired by the region. The research within Marine, Environmental Science and Engineering is divided into three interdisciplinary environmental science themes: Understanding and Responding to Environmental Change, People and the Environment, and Energy and Natural Resources.