At Edinburgh Napier University, research within the School of Applied Sciences makes a positive impact on health, the environment and society, both nationally and internationally.

The Animal and Plant Science Research Group focusses on terrestrial & marine biodiversity, conservation and management of temperate and tropical ecosystems in a changing world. Specific areas of focus include: biodiversity and conservation, environmental microbiology, pollutants and tourism.

The Biomedical Science Research Group focuses upon understanding physiology in the context of health and disease. Areas of interest include: cancer and drug design, immunology and infection, neurological disease, physical health recovery, pollutants, public health, bone health and reproductive health.

The Microbiology Research Group examines microbiological interactions with a variety of hosts (humans, animals and plants) together with the wider external environment. The main areas of focus are: applied microbiology and biotechnology, biofuels, environmental microbiology, food security, host pathogen interactions, and pollutants.

The Sports, Exercise and Health Science Research Group work complements this work with research focused around physical activity and health. The Psychology Research Group works collaboratively with internal and external partners on areas including Forensic Psychology and Applied Cognition.

The School also hosts the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland and the Biofuel Research Centre.