The Scottish Natural Products Network (SNaPNet)

How can Natural Products research and innovation help industry meet the Scottish Government’s Net Zero by 2045 target and encourage the growth of the bioeconomy? This is a question the Scottish Natural Products Group hope to explore through a series of events in 2021, in partnership with the Bioeconomy Cluster Builder.

Network Overview

This initial series of events mark the beginning of a longer-term vision to create a natural products community in Scotland and build stronger connections between academia and industry in areas such as synthetic biology, biomass and by-products, leading to aligned research goals and industry targets.

The Scottish Natural Products Group is an interdisciplinary collaboration across Research Pools (SULSA and ScotCHEM) and Innovation Centres (IBioIC and SAIC) along with Interface, which brings together academics and industry to accelerate discovery and work toward sustainability goals.

Events and Workshops

SNapNet’s launch event took place on Thursday 25th February 2021 and welcomed 183 people from across the sectors. This virtual event aimed to launch the network and to shape the vision for SNaPNet. A full event report will be available here shortly and in the meantime you can check out the event recording

Two further events are scheduled for 2021. These are both part of the KTN-supported IBioIC UK Bioeconomy Cluster Builder and will bring together academics and industry.



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