strategic groups

SULSA’s Strategic Groups are focused on areas of strategic importance and allow our community to be responsive to multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary opportunities. 

SULSA's Strategic Groups

SULSA’s Strategic Groups cover three key areas of strategic importance which have been directed by Scottish Government and funding agencies priorities. They are:

  • Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Environment, Bioeconomy and Sustainability
  • Infectious Disease

These Strategic Groups are formed of senior academics with valued input from our early career researchers. They allow SULSA member universities to respond collaboratively to large multidisciplinary funding bids and drive multidisciplinary knowledge exchange.

Strategic groups will be changed every three years and will be inclusive of humanplantanimal, and microbe researchers.

Sponsor a Strategic Group

Our current Strategic Group sponsors are CENSIS and Precision Medicine Scotland.

If you’re interested in sponsoring our strategic groups, please contact

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