SALT-Tz Talks

Explore the recorded talks from the Symposium on African Livestock Trypanosomiasis, Tanzania (SALT-Tz) towards improving sustainable control of animal trypanosomiasis | Arusha, Tanzania | 14-16th February 2023

day 1 | session 2

Trypanocides Looking Forwards

The Progressive control pathway for animal trypanosomosis and the development of guidelines for chemotherapy and drug resistance – Federica Giordani and Giuliano Cecchi


Experiences of coordinating a multi-stakeholder approach to control trypanosomiasis in Uganda – Charles Waiswa

Trypanocide markets: how the eyes from the field shape the vision of tomorrow – Marjorie Bouchier

Lessons learned from AAT early drug discovery – Susan Wyllie

Development of novel drugs of African animal trypanosomiasis – Michael Pearce, Frederic David

day 1 | session 3

Advances Towards Improved Trypanosomiasis Control

State of play with cattle genetics of trypanotolerance – Olivier Hanotte

Translating the protective effects of antibodies to an invariant T. vivax antigen infection from mouse to cattle – Delphine Autheman

Diagnosis of animal trypanosomosis – current state and prospects for improvements – Laurent Hebert

The COMBAT project: approach, goals and synergies – Giuliano Cecchi

One-health approach to the control and surveillance of animal and human trypanosomiasis in Rwanda – Richard Gashururu

day 2 | session 1

Laboratory Advances Towards Trypanosomiasis Control

Metabolism studies and advances in culturing capabilities for Trypanosoma congolense – Pieter Steketee

The state of play of trypanosome genomics – Dan Masiga

Natural African trypanosome co-infections – Theresa Manful Gwira

T. congolense cytoadhesion and its mammalian host response – Sarah Silva Pereira

day 2 | session 2

Trypanocide Resistance in the Field

Trypanocide resistance in the field – current status and challenges – Jan van den Abbeele

Field methods for detecting trypanocide resistance – Luis Neves

What modelling of trypanocide use and resistance can tell us – Shaun Keegan and Louise Matthews

day 2 | session 3

Advances in Resistance Mechanisms and Markers

Drug resistance mechanisms in livestock trypanosomes – Mike Barrett

Transporters as determinants of drug sensitivity and resistance in animal trypanosomiasis – Harry de Koning