SULSA works across disciplines and sectors in multiple Collaborative Projects. By working together as part of a larger consortia we are able to intensify our input toward the UK National agenda and benefit society across the UK and on the international scale.

Learn more about how these projects contribute to our strategic aims, listed below.


Our Sponsors

Our sponsors provide the opportunity for our strategic group academics to take forward their ideas in priority areas for Scotland and for SULSA to continue to strengthen partnerships working across the ecosystem. You can read more about our sponsors and our partnership plans by exploring the dropdowns below.

Innovation Centre for Sensing, Imaging and IoT (CENSIS)

CENSIS sponsors our Infectious Disease group, is co-funder of our Innovation Seed Fund, and is an invaluable contributor to our Graduate Employability Masterclass program. SULSA has collaborated with CENSIS in the development and delivery of Scotland’s Contribution to COP26 and in supporting joint internships. SULSA will work with CENSIS to support the translation of applied research into industry and the NHS.

Precision Medicine Scotland – Innovation Centre (PMS-IC)

PMS-IC sponsors our Therapeutics and Diagnositcs group and is an invaluable contributor to our Graduate Employability Masterclass program, where they have paired with companies such as BioClavis to provide insight into the early stages of commercialisation. SULSA looks forward to increasing collaboration and supporting knowledge exchange across business, the NHS, and academia.


Advanced Therapies Networks

Until mid-2023 SULSA represented the Scottish Advanced Therapies Network as part of the UK ATN and is part of the Life Sciences Scotland Industry Leadership Group, aiming to deliver on a National Growth Strategy for Scotland in this area. SULSA led a consortia across Industry, Universities, and Colleges as one of the three UK National Training Centres, within the Advanced Therapies Skills and Training Network (ATSTN), funded by the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult. We delivered re/upskilling training courses codesigned across the education and industry sector with support from our Scottish skills and enterprise agencies.

Read the full report and find out more on our Skills Development pages.


International Alliances

As a member of the Connected Scotland committee of Universities Scotland, SULSA continually explores opportunities to build international partnerships. In 2022 SULSA created a collaborative partnership with the University of Mainz and more broadly the Rheinland-Pfalz Ministry of Science and Health to support knowledge exchange across our nations. Our SULSA International Coffee breaks, supported by SDI and Scottish Government, continue to grow this activity more widely across Europe.

University of Mainz Alliance

After a successful virtual scientific symposium in March 2022, SULSA launched the Rheinland-Pfalz (RLP) research exchange call, co-funded by Scottish Government and das Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Gesundheit des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz. To further strengthen relationships, the Scottish Government invited SULSA to join them at the Rheinland-Pfalz Tag 2022 festival where we met with the Minster for Science and Health, Clemens Hoch, and Minister President of Rheinland-Pfalz, Malu Dreyer.

Continuing this partnership, SULSA will be arranging for a delegation of Scottish academics to travel to Rheinland-Pfalz in 2023.


Research and Innovation Scotland

Research Innovation Scotland (RIS) is a resource that showcases activity across the research innovation landscape in Scotland. Creation of RIS was a highly collaborative effort across the Research Pools, Innovation Centres and Interface and continues to be developed since its launch in September 2020. SULSA’s Executive Director, Ali McIntosh, is the coordinator of this initiative and our Senior Operations Officer, Jill Inkster, has designed and maintains the website.


Scottish Microscopy Society

SULSA has supported the Scottish Microscopy Society to create a new database for microscopy facilities in Scotland, to work beyond barriers and encourage collaboration and interdisciplinary research. SULSA has provided funding to support our exceptional facilities, their staff, and the researchers that use them. Learn more about the funded projects. The facilities database is now live for you to find out where you can openly access state-of-the-art microscopy and expertise.

Contact: Scottish Microscopy