Industry Insights Webinars

Lunchtime webinars, run in collaboration with IBioIC, where leading biotechnology and life sciences companies in the UK share their current portfolio and opportunities for academic collaboration and employment

Industry Insights Series 3

Join us in October and November 2022 to hear from leading biotechnology and life sciences companies through our lunchtime webinars:

  • Wednesday 19th October: Johnson Matthey
  • Wednesday 2nd November: Sygnature Discovery
  • Wednesday 16th November: Exscientia
  • Wednesday 30th November: Eden Scott

This series of webinars have been organised by SULSA Industry Engagement Ambassadors Bill Carton (University of Dundee), Dr Emily Dickie (University of Dundee), Teodora Stoyanova (Robert Gordon University), Chloe Jones (University of St Andrews), and James Gray (University of St Andrews).

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Industry Insights Series 1 & 2

The following workshops took place during series one and two of this series:

  • Piramal Pharma (see video below)
  • Procter & Gamble (see video below)
  • Merck
  • Syngenta
  • Thomas Swan Co Ltd
  • BioAscent