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SULSA’s Forging Futures Scheme
Overcoming my fear of LinkedIn

The transition from academia to industry or simply trying to form new collaborations with companies can sometimes feel like a very big ask. Young career researchers are faced with this during or at the end of their PhDs and postdocs, and are not always equipped with the skills, know-how and language needed to make fruitful connections with industry. SULAS has recognised the gap in knowledge and is running the Forging Futures Scheme aimed at developing a cohort that is capable of recognising the opportunities in both academia and industry and can successfully work between the two…


Teodora Stoyanova

Forging Futures Industry Ambassador, Robert Gordon University

SULSA’s Forging Futures Scheme
PESTEL Analysis

As a science student it can be difficult to know where to start to engage with industry.  PhD students rarely dip their toe outside the academic waters, because we are so focussed on getting our experiments to work, and finishing our paper, and (deep down) we are frightened of what is out there.  Thankfully, SULSA sees our trepidation, and has begun preparing a cohort of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from across the life sciences in Scotland to take that dive into industrial engagement…


Lindsay Williams

Forging Futures Industry Ambassador, University of Edinburgh

SULSA’s Forging Futures Scheme
Flowing Between Academy & Industry

Academic scientists are experts in building strong collaborations with other peers. But when establishing connections with industry, there is sometimes a sense of being lost in the middle of nowhere. For PhD students and postdocs, effectively collaborating and connecting with industry can be a game-changer in our career path…


Natalia Cattelan

Forging Futures Industry Ambassador, University of Aberdeen