Advanced Therapies Skills Training Network

SULSA, as part of a national consortia including Roslin CT, Edinburgh Napier University, Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre and Ayrshire College, represent 1 of the 3 National Advanced Therapies Skills Training Network (ATSTN) Centres in the UK. 


The Advanced Therapies field is experiencing rapid growth at present particularly in areas of cell, gene, viral vector, antibody and vaccine therapy. Based on the findings from the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult’s (CGT Catapult) Skills Demand Survey 2019, 83% of ATMP and vaccine manufacturing companies raised concerns that the recruitment and retention of skilled talent would be an important issue which slows down or delays their forecasted manufacturing expansions. This has been aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As such, a coherent national training offering for core manufacturing skills was requested by industry, in order to drive the required uptake of skilled talent at all levels and allow the UK sector to reach its full potential. The national ATSTN program was launched by the Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult and is funded by InnovateUK and Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The Scottish National Training Centre was launched in spring 2021.

ATSTN also includes an Online Training Platform to provide remote learning for those currently working in the vaccine manufacturing and advanced therapy industry, and a Career Converter, which maps an individual’s transferrable skills from adjacent sectors into recommended roles for this industry.


Coordinating industry skills demand and training providers, we deliver high impact physical and digital training courses in advanced therapy and vaccine manufacturing.

Aimed at the current advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing industry workforce, academics and those enrolled in Further and Higher Education, our courses provide basic, practical training in sterile manufacturing, working in a cleanroom environment, aseptic techniques, lab skills plus Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) training within an industrial setting.

In 2021, we delivered the following courses:

  • Practical and Sterile Manufacturing Skills (5 days)
  • Introduction to downstream processing (2 days)
  • Fundamental advanced therapies laboratory skills in biosafety testing (5 days)

More courses are planned for 2022.

Contact and Information

To find out more about future ATSTN training courses, please contact: